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    Race Profile: Humans


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    Race Profile: Humans Empty Race Profile: Humans

    Post  LordAdmiral on Sat Feb 07, 2009 7:44 pm

    Humans are the most populous race of Myirida. However, most of these people are slaves to Halcorn, and live in slave camps or are soldiers in his army. However, about 10% of the Human population still exists in the Free Lands, southwest of the White Mountains. The forces of Vargath are fast approaching on the Free Lands, however, and conflict will soon begin once more.

    Locations: Valor, Gorgoth, The Free Lands
    Characteristics: Most stand at about 1.75 meters, and are of average strength. Most humans can use basic magic when trained, but very few can use the more advanced fields. The most common soldier of the human armies are cavalry and swordsman.
    History: It is unknown where the human race began, but they have been in Myirida since the dawn of time, like the elves. They, along with the elves and dwarves, were the first to walk this planet. They amassed a intricate empire along the coast of the ocean, and were quite peaceful until the Great War began.

    Magic: Proficient in Body and Enchantment, few select are skilled in the advanced fields of Magic

    Weapons and Skills: Swords, Staffs, Advanced Horseback Riding, Trading,basic Archery

    Classses: Swordsman, Knight, Mage, Citizen, Wanderer, Slave, Eastern Man, Berseker

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