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    Beastiary: Snicrow


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    Beastiary: Snicrow Empty Beastiary: Snicrow

    Post  chileboi on Sun Feb 08, 2009 11:53 pm

    Name: Snicrow
    Habitat: White Mountains
    Desc: They are snake like birds that always hang around in flocks. They have adapted to live in the White Mountains and rarely venture away from that area. They have a snake-like tail and eagle like wings. They are also very protective of their young. If anything goes near their eggs, they will attack with full force. The are not very big or strong but in a large flock, they can be dangerous.
    Eating Habits: small insects, rodents and some fruit/seeds.
    Difficulty: Little when by themselves, Hard when they are in a really large flock. Normal flocks are Easy to Medium.

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