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    Post  Megamatt on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:11 am

    Here's my profile...

    Name: Matt "The Gambler"

    Age: 157 (looks 17)

    Race: Undead Human

    Class: Knight

    Description: Matt was born in a poor farming village. It wasn't long before his village was overrun by Halcorn's forces and turned into a slave camp. Matt then spent the next and last 10 years of his working until he died of exhaustion. His body was thrown into a shallow grave with several others and was covered with a thin layer of dirt.
    A few days later, a force of human rebels attacked the camp and the two resident Necromancers had to raise a defensive force. His was one of the last bodies resurrected in a frantic last effort to stop the humans from taking the camp. When the Necromancer controlling him was killed the second tried to gain control but something went wrong and Matt went out of control. He turned on his master and bit into his flesh. As the blood flowed down his throat his madness subsided and he realized what was going on. All the other undead fell to the ground lifelessly when their source of magic had been killed but he remained standing.
    He came to realize that by drinking the blood of Necromancers he was able to continue living. A side effect of his condition is that he gained a proficiency for Death magic. He spent his time going from Slave camp to Slave camp killing Necromancers, which as a side effect freed many slaves, which earned him the moniker "The Gambler".
    Matt "The Gambler" Oekaki_Mad_Hatter_by_mooneko

    Magic Specialization: Death

    Weapons: Necromancer's Blade with the Skull of a Human Soldier.

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