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    My Profiles: Ergluk El Monog and Adral


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    My Profiles: Ergluk El Monog and Adral Empty My Profiles: Ergluk El Monog and Adral

    Post  LordAdmiral on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:16 am

    Name: Adral
    Age: 3071 years old
    Race: Elf
    Class: Wizard
    Description: One of few that survived the exile from Myridia. He is on the Council of Wizardry, and is powerful in many different arcane elements. He is also skilled in other forms of combat, but not as strong as the elite Elven soldiers. is respected throughout his race as a leader, and was one of the chief instigators of the return to Myridia. He wears a basic elven cloak, which is brown, with the isignia of the Council of Wizardry around his neck. He has short brown hair, and has a royal look about him
    Location: The elven ships, returning to Myridia.
    Magic Specialization (if acclicable): Fire, Water, Body, Enchantment, Wind, Death
    Weapons: A broad staff with a powerful gem on both ends. This magnifies his ranged attacks power considerably. He also carries a Bow, and battle Knife for close combat.

    Name: Ergluk El Monog
    Race: Orc
    Age: 34
    Class: Troll
    Physical Attributes: Black skinned, an average sized Troll, however, he is able to dominate the trolls because of his intelligence.
    Other Characteristics: Smarter than most trolls, he is the leader of the trolls in Halcorns army. However, he has little freedom in this position. Halcorn has him in a tight grip, controlling and watching his every move.
    Magical expertise (if applicable): None
    Weapons and Skills: A massive Hammer, larger than a human. He charges through the ranks of the enemy, leading his troll brethren.
    Location: Vargath

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