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    Post  tell_tale-heart on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:37 am

    Name: Jet
    Age: 2050
    Race: Elf
    Class: assassin
    Description: ~....~Jet~....~ Shaiya01
    She cares most for her horse Mordred who has been her only friend since she was really little. Jet loves being a assassin she was raised on the art. She is very pretty for a elf and she is sometimes called the seducer of her race. Jet is currently working hard to harness all the different types of magic so she can be a better assassin.
    Location: The elven ships, returning to Myridia.
    Magic Specialization (if applicable): Water is what she had started off on. She is working on enchanting currently and soon to be death and all the others.
    Weapons: She has a white long bow that was crafted from dragon bones. The center has black leather on it and there is two green gems on either side of the leather.

    Mordred:~....~Jet~....~ 1523541f3veawxdjeGHOSTHORSE Mordred was a war gift from the gods to a ancient race long ago. He was a highly prized horse in that race. Until Jet's great slew the owner and took him home. Mordred has been in the family and never got along with anyone till Jet was born. When he is calm he is a white stallion with a blue mane and then he gets mad and ready to fight he turns black and his mane goes a blood red. His eyes normally are a deep black and then turn red and white when mad. He has a powerful connection in the mind with Jet. He does not like Jet talking to other male elves because he feel threatened as his position in her heart.

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