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    Old Deserted Mine


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    Old Deserted Mine Empty Old Deserted Mine

    Post  chileboi on Mon Feb 09, 2009 2:02 am

    Old mines that run through a section of the White Mountains. They have been abandoned and are very unstable and dangerous. It is hard to breathe although there is a rumor that there is gold hidden here. Dwarves even have a hard time here.

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    Old Deserted Mine Empty Re: Old Deserted Mine

    Post  larkis on Mon Feb 09, 2009 1:30 pm

    Galledio wonders in to the old deserted mine, tired from wandering for three days straight. He sets up camp for the night, lies down and thinks to himself ...

    "So what do I need? I am lacking in quite a few crucial minerals and this place has been avoided long before I was born. Maybe I should venture around here tomorrow and find something of use. Can't try and make something to sell with nothing to sell. So what do I have left to sell to wondering travellers?"

    Galledio brings out his travelling bag and counts his stock

    "A few rare ores, just enough to smelt into a dagger or a small sword
    Rare wood in different sizes, enough to craft most weapons out of
    Three unenchanted daggers (Useless enchanting these until you find out what the person wants)
    And finally, a sword he stole from the Dwarf Caverns."

    He reflects on the sword and ponders "I wonder if there are any secrets behind this? What value is there to this?"

    He sits up and just reflects, watching the animals go by.

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