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    Archolite Crystals


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    Archolite Crystals

    Post  Archos on Mon Feb 09, 2009 11:57 am

    Name:Archolite Crystals
    Location Made:Aera Castle
    Made by:Elven Wizards
    Description:Special crystals made by the great Elven Wizards of Aera. The ingredients needed to make these crystals have been passed from generation to generation of Elven Wizards. No one knows what ingredients go into these crystals except one, the user must donate some of his/her blood to the Wizards so the crystals will work for only them. Many Elf children are taken to the island to give blood so that they may use the crystals as soon as possible. The last crystal was made the month before the Elves left The Forest of Light, no one knows what ever happened to the many crystals that were held at the castle.

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