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    Rita the beutiful blacksmith.


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    Rita the beutiful blacksmith. Empty Rita the beutiful blacksmith.

    Post  rita on Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:31 pm

    Name: Rita
    Age: 150
    Race: Dwarve
    Class: Blacksmith
    Description: 1 meter tall. Does not have a beard like many of her male counterparts. She wears dark purple clothes, usually consisting of a gown that covers her whole body, and gloves that are very durable. Under her robe she wears armor crafted by her very hands. It is purple with gold lining along it. She has gauntlets, plating around her lower leg , and a full chestplate. Unlike other dwarves she rides a magestic white tiger that is two times the size of normal white tigers. It wears golden armor also crafted by her hands. She has befreinded this white tiger to an extent that they would give there lives for each other.
    Location: The white mountains.
    Magic An expert in earth magic which helps when she needs ore's for her weapons.
    Weapons: Expert with distanced and close range weapons. Has a pouch of triple bladed throwing stars on her waist. Crafted blade attachments for her gauntlets that can be hooked up as elbow blades or wrist blades whichever is needed. Has a sapphire and ruby dagger that has proved to be unbreakable. Also uses various weapons that she finds or makes whenever they are needed.

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