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    Hycoba Blade


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    Hycoba Blade

    Post  birdramon157 on Mon Feb 09, 2009 8:59 pm

    name: Hycoba Blade

    how to make: they can be forged from twenty hydra scales, five basilisk fangs, and a green cockatrice feather. Then take the items to a dwarf and they will forge it for you.

    description: Hycoba Blades have green hilts, from the coloring of the cockatrice feather. The hydra scales are used to make the blade, while the basilisk fangs are implanted in one side of the blade, and they are forged a special way so that the poison stays in the fangs when they are put in so the one side of the blade is venomous. It may appear heavy, but the feather's magical properties make it light and easy to control. They are very sought after, as the ingredients to make them are hard to obtain.

    heres a quick picture i drew its not exactly as i pictured it but it gives you the main idea

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