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    Tyrinus- Troll Empty Tyrinus- Troll

    Post  Monkey on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:16 pm

    Name: Tyrinus
    Age: 24 years old
    Race: Orc
    Class: Troll

    History: A warrior by all means the son of the late, great Dile'tava he is a pedigree when it comes to fighting. In terms of Troll-ish age he is by no means a child nor is he an elder, he in the prime of his battling prowess displaying various scalps of his unfortunate prey on his belt. Every 6 months the Troll battalion hold a battle royal in the arena, a bloodthirsty race by nature the battles that are held within this arena are tough, gruelling battles in which the victor is simply given the chance to live for another couple of months and the loser is more often than not killed by this encounter. Tyrinus is a 4 time victor of the battle royal with each victory he is bestowed a large fortune all in which is declined by the champion.

    Tyrinus is very different to the other Trolls in which he camps with for starters he is at least 25% smaller than the Troll-ish brethren, but with this decrease in stature he has been able to hone his abilities with weaponry far beyond the boundaries of the normal Troll. Proficient at wielding a large chain strapped to his waist he uses it to disarm his opponents before striking the killing blow with his metal studded fists. While quite proficient at close combat Tyrinus is also an adequate archer by Troll standards, while it is seen as dishonourable to his Troll ancestors no-one can argue with its effectiveness at dispatching an enemy.

    Description: Tyrinus has black skin like most of his fellow trolls the only difference is he much smaller than the average troll. Despite his smaller stature Tyr is in quite considerable shape swapping the average muscular shape of most trolls for his own lean body. He stands at a mere 12 foot at full stretch his body has numerous scars especially around his shoulders.

    Weapons: A basic thick metal chain (strapped to his belt), brass knuckles (with large metallic studs.) A basic bow and arrow with customised arrow heads. Designed like a cross the arrows are designed to pierce the hardened flesh of trolls and because of their design they are extremely difficult to remove without breaking the arrow itself.

    Armory: Tyrinus' arms are left bare enabling him full movement, covering his head is a worn metallic helmet, located on the front of the helmet directly above the eyes are two rather large metallic horns which can be used as a weapon of pain. While his legs are bare much like his arms Tyrinus chest is quite heavily armoured with interlocking sheets of moulded metal designed to hug his lean body.

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