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    Magna Potestas: The Staff of Lord Valus


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    Magna Potestas: The Staff of Lord Valus

    Post  marcopolonian on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:04 am

    Magna Potestas (Great Power)

    Requirements: LordAdmiral or another mod must let you use it, and you must be a wizard.

    History: Many millenia before the rise of Halcorn, the ancestors of the Halti were still the most wealthy and prestigious family of the Dwarves. When Lord Valus's followers went on a long journey to find the greatest forger in the land, they had heard rumors of a legendary forger, and so they set out, looking for that man. Once they found the dwarf, of the ancient Pamil, ancestors of the Halti, they were asked for the resources. It took 100 years to get all the resources, and 900 years to completely perfect it, therefore, in total, a thousand years. They brought it back to Valus, and it is still used today.

    Materials: A strip of wood from the sturdiest tree in the forest of light (now known as the forest of ash), a rock from the deepest possible point a dwarf could go (that was collected by the dwarves), a rock at the highest point in Myirida, and is periodically enchanted by Lord Valus himself (he's still enchanting it).


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