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    Bestiary: Crystal Worm


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    Bestiary: Crystal Worm Empty Bestiary: Crystal Worm

    Post  Archos on Wed Feb 11, 2009 3:17 pm

    Name: Crystal Worm
    Habitat: Forest of Aera
    The Crystal Worm is a species of worm that was enchanted by the Wizards of Aera Castle. They were originally used for protection and were controlled by the powerful wizards. Although, once the wizards disapeared, the Worms were not under any controll and thus attacked anyone who steps foot in or near the forest.

    These worms are about 40 feet long and 10 feet high. Their skin is encrusted with the Archolite Crystals which give them immunity to any kind of magic except for the forbidden level. They have varies numbers of spikes around there body and use these to spin and dig into the ground or attack enemies with. Their skin is incredibly easy to break with normal weapons but due to their vast organ system, this will not harm them if the wounds are too small or there are not enough of them. Their mouth is the same width as their boddy and is constantly open. So their many hundreds of teeth are on show. When not crawling around the surface of the forest, they are underground in their vast caves that have eventually become larger and larger with the ammount of Worms that were created.

    Difficulty: Intermediate. No rookie or new adventurer should attempt to fight. Only the strongest of fighters will be able to defeat them.


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