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    Bestiary Rembora


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    Bestiary Rembora Empty Bestiary Rembora

    Post  rita on Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:03 pm

    Name:Bestiary Rembora
    Habitat: Any caves or dark damp places that they come across.
    Looks:The top half of there body is a dark purple color. Bottom of the body is yellow.

    Description:Remboras are a moderately powerful class of wyvern. Unlike many larger wyverns, due to there small stature they are a group creature. Usually in flocks of thousands they are very dangerous but if they are in a small group they are very easy to kill. Able to spit a projectile of acid for about a hundred feet. They are able to widthstand any climate wich eans they are found everywhere.

    (A)Large Group:Very dangerous in a large group. Very dangerous to anyone with no training or even people of moderate skill.
    (B)Small Group:In small numbers they pose very little threat other than there highly potent venom. Even people with very low training could probably take on a small group of about ten of these.

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