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    Post  LordAdmiral on Sat Feb 07, 2009 11:49 pm

    There were Five gods and goddesses in the beginning. They ruled peacefully over their domain, but all was not right. They needed to express themselves, and in a small blue and green world, they found this ability. They walked among it, creating things, expressing themselves.

    The three Gods were Zalac, Terran, and Malus. Zalac was the god of Darkness, Terran, the god of the Earth, and Malus, the god of the Wood, or nature.

    The Goddesses were Phylega, goddess of the sea, and Salena, goddess of the wind. These five were the children of the One, the all powerful creator of the universe.

    On this new planet, Zalac, Malus, and Terran began to quarrel. Zalac created the humans, who were bound to his will. However, humanity turned on their creator, and Zalac turned to corrupt Terran's creation, the Orc. Unbeknowest to Zalac, Terran had also created the Dwarves, who he protected after his brother betrayed him.

    Malus created the elves, to tend over nature. His sister, Phylega, also gave the oceans to the elves, and the elves promised to watch over all of nature and the waters of the world as their own. They would protect the creatures of the depths, and the critters of the forest.

    Humans turned away from the gods. Their believed in the One, who created the five, believing he was the truth in the world.

    Once the Great War began, the gods dissapeared. No one knows where they have gone, or if they will return. But many of all races pray every day that their saviors will return.

    The last goddess was Salena, who did not create a race. Some believe that she is truly still in Myirida, watching over, from high above.

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