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    Bestiary: Skeleton Novice


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    Bestiary: Skeleton Novice Empty Bestiary: Skeleton Novice

    Post  DoZiGuy54 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 12:23 am

    Name: Skeleton Novice
    Habitat: The Wastes, Vargath, Forest of Ash, Peravian Hills. They wander old abandoned forts and dungeons.
    Skeleton Novices are fallen warriors, risen from the dead by Necromancers. In their past lives, they were usually beginner or weak adventurers who met an unfortunate end, and an even more unfortunate rise. The novices are very weak-willed, and only live because the Necromancer wills it.

    If the Necromancer has abandoned them, the Skeleton wanders the lands until it stumbles upon a decrepit dungeon, wandering there for the rest of its existence.

    They usually carry rusty swords and axes, and some wield bows. Skeleton Novices are often unskilled in combat, and are often cut down quickly by experienced warriors. They wear little clothing, and the exten of their armor is a rusty helmet, if even.

    Difficulty: Moderate. A Skeleton Novice can prove challenging to a new adventurer, but experience is a Skeleton's bane.

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