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    Race Profile: Elves


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    Race Profile: Elves Empty Race Profile: Elves

    Post  LordAdmiral on Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:00 pm

    The elves are the proudest of all the races, which created their mighty fall almost 3000 years ago. They left Myirida in shame, leaving their great forest behind to fall into ash. They settled in exile in a distant land, but now return to reclaim what was lost. They are the most powerful Wizards of all, and are second to none with the Bow.


    Location: somewhere in the Myiridian Sea
    Characteristics: The Elves are pale skinned, and have a slender figure. They usually have blond to brown hair, but what is remarkable is their ability to not age. They can live for 10,000 years and look the same as they did at 20. This makes them especially wise, and will allow them to dominate in the fields of magic. They are still vulnerable to wounds and disease, however, and many have fallen to the diseases of the land they discovered in exile.

    History: The Elves lived alongside the Humans and Dwarves during the Golden Age of Myirida, but none know their orgins except the Elves themselves. When Malus, God of the Wood created his forest, he populated them with the Elves, his children. For this reason, the Elves see him as their father and savior, and send prayers to him daily. Many, however, have fallen from this path, for the gods have been silent for over 4000 years, since Halcorn appeared in Myirida. The Forest of Light became the Forest of Ash after Halcorn burned the elves out of their homes.

    Magic: Proficient in all fields of magic, especially the advanced fields

    Weapons and Skills: Expert Archers, but not so good of swordsman. They are quite stealthy, and their magic is unparalleled. They are very weak to magic, however.

    Horseback Riding

    Classes: Wizard, Longbowman, Knight, Sailor, Assasin,

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