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    Race Profile: Dwarves


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    Race Profile: Dwarves Empty Race Profile: Dwarves

    Post  LordAdmiral on Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:13 pm

    Dwarves have kept their secrets to themselves for over 4,000 years, ever since Halcorn appeared and attacked at the end of the Golden Age. The two Dwarven Fortresses of The Keep and The White Halls haven't had a human or elf inside since that time. The dwarves themselves will leave, but very seldom do so, especially since the elves left. They guard all entrances to their realm, which is the entirety of the White Mountains. They are expert craftsman, and almost all weapons used to be made by the dwarves. Now, however, the strongest weapons they keep for themselves, only selling basic weapons to the humans, which are still much stronger than anything the Humans can construct. Many say magic is used in the weapons, and this is true.


    Locations: The White Mountains, The White Halls, The Keep
    Characteristics: Short, about 1 meter tall. They are very strong, however, second in strength to the Orcs. They have long beards, and can live for about 300 years, much longer than humans and orcs. They are experts in the way of mining and building.

    History: The God of the Earth, Terran, created two mountain ranges, The White Mountains, and the Black Mountains. In the both, he created his people, the Dwarves and the Orcs, both very strong and sturdy folk. However, The God of Darkness, Zalac, stole the Orcs from him, and their history has been lost. The dwarves, however, he kept as his children, and they became a most hardy people. They have dwelled in their mountains since the dawn of time, and will continue to do so until the end of the ages. A curious aspect of the dwarves is their ability to tame animals of the mountains, and will ride some, such as the Polar Bear.

    Magic: Expert at enchantment and Earth magic, nothing else. They are the only forms of magic the can use, but no one is better than them at these fields, even the elves.

    Weapons and Skills: Building, Smithing, Axes, Swords, Hammers

    Classes: Blacksmith, Builder, Berserker, Noble, Citizen, Miner, Swordsman, Tamer

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