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    Ignis [Fire]


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    Ignis [Fire] Empty Ignis [Fire]

    Post  Sonas on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:44 am


    From this comes light, the first of all the magics. It burns with desire, love, hatred, and intense passion. Some believe it is evil, but many can prove to you that it can be used in any way, any place, and any how. Many great wizards and demons have fallen in love with this type of magic, as it is strong, and very damaging. However, many new users of magic believe it to be too basic, just like a blunt weapon.

    The following are examples of forms.

    Common Forms
    • Fireball - shoots a ball of fire
    • Meteor - a large, flaming rock falls from the sky
    • Firewhip - a long string of fire is controlled by the user like a whip
    • Firewave - a ring of fire emits outward toward the enemy

    Advanced Forms
    • Firebreathe - the user breathes fire
    • Explosion - explosions are commanded by the user
    • Rain Fire - small fire balls rain down from the sky over an area
    • Firewall - the user is surrounded in a wall of fire (protection)

    Forbidden Forms
    • Internal Immolation - makes the victim feel the pain of being burned from the inside
    • Sacrificial Immolation - victim feels damage taken by user
    • Lava - lava falls from the sky severely burning and immobilizing the enemy

    Ignis has no restriction on which tool one uses to cast it.

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