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    Post  Sonas on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:45 am


    Aqua was created by Phylega with the help of her people, the elves. It is the passing of time, the will of ages, and the force of the newborn. Many believe it is the reason we are all alive today, and it must be cherished. Yet, as development increases in Myirida, the power of Aqua is serverly reduced.

    The following are examples of forms:


    Common Forms
    • Barrier - creates a barrier of ice in front of the user
    • Freeze - emits water that freezes quickly
    • Hail - rains ice onto an area
    • Frozen Shard - shoots a needle of ice

    Advanced Forms
    • Ice Field - freezes the surrounding nature
    • Ice Plate - coats the user in an icy armor, very durable, for a short amount of time
    • Frost Claw - extends the tip of the fingers with sharp, long needles of ice
    • Cocoon - surrounds the user in ice for long periods of time

    Forbidden Forms
    • Internal Frost - the victim feels as if his brain is frozen
    • Solidify - freezes the victim eternally
    • Frost Bite - removes all sense of pain from the user


    Common Forms
    • Waterbolt - emits a beam of water
    • Mist - encompasses the user in a haze for stealth
    • Rain - causes it to rain
    • Waterwhip - a long, whip-like strand of water is at the user's control

    Advanced Forms
    • Walker - enables the user to walk on water for a time
    • Ocean - erupts water upon the victim
    • Steam - encompasses the victim in a tiring steam
    • Current - surroundss the user in a very fast moving, water current ball

    Forbidden Forms
    • Drown - the victim feels the sensation of drowning
    • Seep - the victim starts to lose water, seeping through the skin until death
    • Scissor - creates a very fast moving blade of water, one used to shape the metal of swords

    The following tools are unable to produce Aqua: Scythes, Daggers

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