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    Terra [Earth]


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    Terra [Earth] Empty Terra [Earth]

    Post  Sonas on Sun Feb 08, 2009 1:46 am


    This is the spirit of the Earth, the mother of all we know today. It has the power of men and the growth of our young. It is believed to be the third magic created, the solidifying part, and is held in high regard today by the dwarves, creatures that live in harmony with nature. It comes in two general forms, Nature and Stone, but no division is recognized.

    Common Forms
    • Stone - fires rocks upon the victim
    • Asteroid - fire one giant rock from the sky onto the victim
    • Spikes - sharp rocks either surround the user or the victim
    • Fissure - cracks the ground

    Advanced Forms
    • Fortress - builds a fortress about the user
    • Earthling - allows the user to control the growth of nature
    • Foresting - puts the victim and the caster in a mental forest, while physically surrounding them with an impenetrable force
    • Metamorphosis - a self healing for physical injuries, may cause extreme mental fatigue

    Forbidden Forms
    • Internal Solidity - the victim cannot think
    • Smash - crushes the victim between two stones, so quickly it is impossible to dodge
    • Mud - removes mobility of the victim

    All tools have the ability to produce Terra.

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