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    Halcorn (Lord of Vargath)


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    Halcorn (Lord of Vargath) Empty Halcorn (Lord of Vargath)

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    Halcorn is the ultimate master of Evil. He used to be an Elf, but was corrupted in his journeys through the Black Mountains. It is said he met Zalac himself, and pledged his soul to him. He became pure evil, and betrayed the Elves at the end of the Golden Ages. He created an army of orcs after he singlehandedly captured the fortress of Vargath from his former kin and made it his own. He spent hundreds of years preparing, while the world watched in horror as his will slowly spread throughout the land. Just over 3000 years ago, he marched on the Forest of Light and burned it to the ground, banishing his people from the continent forever.

    They left after the bloodiest battle on the soil of Myirida, where millions of Orcs and Elves died. The sister city to Vargath, Hargath, was destroyed, and left in ruin. Only 10,000 elves left, .1% of the amount of Elves that had lived in the Forest of Light and other parts of the southern portion of Myirida. Halcorn regrouped his troops, and for another thousand years slowly bided his time, waiting for the best time to strike against the North.

    The Human race was failing, and so Halcorn slowly moved his way through the wastes, then populated by nomadic tribes of humans. He inslaved them, making them his soldiers, and corrupting some to his will as generals, for the Orcs were stupid. The first of the cities along the banks of the Taisis River fell to his will, and for another thousand years he slowly worked his way northward into what is now the Free Lands. The thing was, Halcorn has all the time in the world, so he can afford to wait for the opportune moment to strike. 1000 years ago, he marched to the steps of the White Mountains, but a dwarven army held him at their gates, and since then, Halcorns army has been fairly silent, waiting, watching on the edge of the Free Lands. Halcorn resides in Vargath, learning and developing new and terrible forms of magic.

    Age: estimated 5000 years old
    Physical Features: Stands at 2.5 meters tall, he is neither living nor dead. Human mystics say that through his mask of terror, a lifeless shell of demons dwells. He can crush a mans arm with his grasp, and his sword is poisoned with the blood of Zalac himself. He is the embodiment of evil.

    Magic: Master of all forms, especially death. Halcorn has been known destroy 10 men with a single word. He can destroy a boat with a fireball. These rumors may be exagerated, but none know the real extent of his powers. He hasn't been seen in combat for over 1000 years.

    Weapons and Skills:

    Speechcraft; his words are deadly to the mind of all but the strong willed

    Swordmanship; is unparalleled compared to the elves or any race, some say his development of this "barbaric" craft led him away from his ancestry.

    Dragon riding: It is rumored that in some battles, he rides upon one of the dragons of the Black Mountains. His is jet black.

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