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    Bestiary: Drone


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    Bestiary: Drone Empty Bestiary: Drone

    Post  Sonas on Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:33 am

    Name: Drone
    Habitat: The Free Lands
    These creatures can range from a dull yellow color, with or without dark stripes, to entirely black ones. They are very bee like, except much thinner, like wasps, and may have a wingspan up to three feet.

    The primary means of combat for these creatures is to bite the enemy, but may fight with their single-clawed arms. They also have a long, needle-like stinger at the end of their abdomen that contains a very potent poison.

    However, upon ejaculation of this stinger, the Drone dies. Thus, the Drone will only use its stinger in extreme situations.

    Difficulty: Moderate. New adventurers should be wary and pack some vials of antidote in case they might be stung by one of these.

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