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    Class: Troll


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    Class: Troll

    Post  Archos on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:21 am


    Specialization: Melee combat

    Trolls are the dumbest and most brutal of the many classes. They are 15 foot tall killing machines with no grief, honour or regret. If you are in their way they will smash you down. They do not choose to be like this, they are born (or more appropriately, made) this way for the Orc army. They do not have any specific weapon of choice but tend to be armed with either an Axe or Hammer specially made for them. If they lose their weapon or for some reason it gets destroyed, they will use their fists or pick up large objects to destroy whoever opposes them.

    Races: Orcs
    Basic weapons: Axe, Hammer, Fists, Large objects around them

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