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    The Beginning! (Sunday, Febuary 8th)


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    The Beginning! (Sunday, Febuary 8th) Empty The Beginning! (Sunday, Febuary 8th)

    Post  LordAdmiral on Sun Feb 08, 2009 4:21 pm

    Well, the RP has begun. Here is the situation as it stands.

    The elves are on their way back to Myirida, after being gone for 3000 years.

    Halcorn rules much of Myirida with his Orc Army, pretty much everything south of the Free Lands and The White Mountains.

    The Dwarves haven't let outsiders into their lands in 3000 years.

    The Humans live in fear, but in general peace for the time being. This may change at any time, if Halcorn decides to strike.

    The Drache have arrived from the Deep South, through the massive jungle. At the moment, they are traveling in small bands, but who knows what else they may have. Supposedly, some of them even are Dragon Riders.

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