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    Beastiary: Zombie


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    Beastiary: Zombie Empty Beastiary: Zombie

    Post  Megamatt on Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:47 pm

    Name: Zombie
    Habitat: Mostly graveyards or sites of recent battles
    Like Skeletons, Zombies are creatures that have been risen from the dead by Necromancers. Unlike Skeletons, however, zombies retain their flesh and muscles. This makes them stronger and faster as they do not rely on magic entirely for movement.

    Zombies require more concentration to control due to their remaining instincts and thoughts from when they were alive. Because of this it is unlikely to find one without a Necromancer controlling it, unless it is in an area strong with Death Magic.

    With a Necromancer's control Zombies are capable of acting out basic strategies and wielding weapons. Depending on where they are raised from, Zombies may have Soilder Grade Weapons and Slightly Tattered Armor. They will care about their bodies, but are willing to sacrifice all for the Necromancer's will.

    Without a Necromancer's control a Zombie goes into a berserk rage and will lose the ability to wield weapons. It will scratch and bite ferociously while paying no heed to it's body's condition.

    Mildly Difficult. While they are both faster and stronger than Skeletons, there seems to be a myth that they are slower. This misconception makes many first encounters with this creature a person's last. They also have a weakness to fire, and unless ordered otherwise by a Necromancer will flee in terror from it. This fear does not effect those which have gone berserk, but the weakness remains.

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