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    Wynan's Cliff Empty Wynan's Cliff

    Post  chileboi on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:11 pm

    Wynan's Cliff is sacred to the Dwarves. In ancient times they used it for rituals. It has been abandoned since the Elves vanished and Halcorn arrived, although you can still find markings and items lying around. Rumor has it that spirits of dead dwarves roam around at night there. For those who have never been there, it is extremely hard to find but is well sheltered from weather and intruders. It is located in the first mountain from the east.

    [Part of Rp]
    Josh lazily woke up from the ground. He had been running and fighting for 5 years now and he was exhausted. He scouted the area to make sure no orcs were around. "All clear" He said to himself as he sat down again. He had finally found a safe place and was planning to stay there for awhile. He got out a rock and began to sharpen his sword. He had learned to be prepared for anything...

    As he began to run low on supplies, he decided it was time to leave his safe spot and find another. He had recovered his strength and pack his things. He started walking through the exit as he began to fall into a dark cave.....

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