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    King Peer Gynt


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    King Peer Gynt Empty King Peer Gynt

    Post  DoZiGuy54 on Sat Feb 07, 2009 10:00 pm

    Name: Peer Gynt
    Age: 140
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Noble
    Peer Gynt is king of The Keep. He is the younger brother to King Giott of The White Halls, and many times considered a child. Regardless, he is still a capable member of the royal Gynt family.

    He is stout like all dwarves, and also boasts reasonably large muscles. He excels in blacksmithing, and refuses to use any weapons but his own. He forges many weapons for the royal family, and keeps a treasury in the back of The Keep containing precious jewels and coins. They are his prized possessions. Peer Gynt wields the Bonesnap, a great maul crafted by himself.

    Recently, he stays a close watch on The Keep. Hundreds of dwarven expert sentries patrol the walls, especially the treasury. Peer Gynt does not take the Orcs lightly.

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