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    My Profile: Skye. Empty My Profile: Skye.

    Post  Archos on Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:01 pm

    Name: Skye
    Age: 1023 years old
    Race: Elf
    Class: Wizard
    Description: He is the youngest person on the Council of Wizardry. Many objected to him being on the council but his father, who was on the council many moons ago insisted that he be allowed on because of his quick learning and easy control of electricity. His bottom lip has two studs on both sides that help his control over the element of electricity, although many doubt this, he belives it to be true. His messy, medium length, sky blue hair is contrasted by the brown cloak that has a scarf like garment at the top that covers the bottom half of his face. He normally wears a plain, black t-shirt that matches his black shorts that go down to just under his knees. On his feet, he wears black slipper like shoes that give him little grip so he can move around lighter and un detected. His close combat skills compliment his electric type magic well as he can quickly fire off his magic attacks while also fighting close combat. His personality is almost always cold and distance, speaking as if he was thousands of years older.
    Location: The elven ships, returning to Myridia.
    Magic Specialization (if acclicable):Electric
    Weapons: Two duel daggers that have the elven state symbol, both with white crystal like spheres hanging from the daggers' handles that help him channel his magic through them and even charge them to make more of an impact on his enemy.

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