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    Race Profile: Drache


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    Race Profile: Drache Empty Race Profile: Drache

    Post  LordAdmiral on Sun Feb 08, 2009 9:32 am

    This race has appeared on the southern border of Halcorn's Empire, far from any lands in the north. They have a great distaste for Orcs, and are quite different from the normal races. Drache are dragon like, with claws, scales, and even wings. They have many reptillian features, but stand upright like the other races. They live in Clan societies, and are quite smart compared to what most would think. Their most notable ability is their ability to wield the Flame of Ignis with ease. They can manipulate the fire magic in any way they disire from birth. Along with this, they are experts of the Magic of Ventus (Wind) as well.

    Name: The Drache
    Physical Characteristics: About 2 meters tall, many reptillian features, including claws, Tail, wings, and the ability to swim very fast.

    Characteristics: They are quite smart, and masters of Vento and Ignis. They hate the Orcs with a passion, and are on nobodies side at the moment.

    Locations: The Deep South, Peravian Hills (Drache Camp)

    Classes: Swordsman, Dragon Rider, Demon (their form of Wizard)

    Magic: Ignis, Ventus

    Weapons: Claws, Swords, Whips, this species is even rumored to ride wild Dragons

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