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    Beastiary: Hell Spawn


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    Beastiary: Hell Spawn Empty Beastiary: Hell Spawn

    Post  Megamatt on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:22 pm

    Name: Hell Spawn

    Habitat: The creatures are drawn from the depths of hell whenever a person is about to die.

    Looks: When one is able to see them, they appear as tiny, winged, bipedal beings with to black to gray skin that is semi-transparent. They have clawed hands and feet and a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth. The only colorful feature about them is their large eyes, which are either completely red or yellow.

    Hell Spawn exist on the spiritual plane of existence and are only visible to three types of living individuals: those powerful in Death Magic, those under the aid of a spell from Healing Magic, and those who have suffered a near-death experience. These creatures feed on the protective layer of magic that surrounds all living souls. Once they have broken through that layer they drag the soul out of the body and into the Underworld. The more natural magical energy a being has, the more Hell Spawn will swarm to it when it comes close to death.


    Defend Against- Difficult, the only way a person can get the Hell Spawn off of them is to suddenly increase the magical energy protecting their soul quickly creating a shock wave which knocks them back.

    Attack- Intermediate, since they live on a separate plane of existence they can only be harmed by healing magic, or weapons forged on their plane. If one is able to get past those hurtles then the creatures themselves are defeated after only one or two hits.

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